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Many owner-operator businesses, whilst the most dynamic force in the current world’s economy, are plagued by limited resources and the heavy burdens of day-to-day administration.  But there is hope. MYOB is an international provider developing and delivering award-winning software, services and support for businesses and accounting practices alike. With over 700,000 businesses and accounting practices using MYOB products and training in five countries across the Asia-Pacific region – why wouldn’t you? MYOB has the knowledge and expertise to help you build your business, by providing you with not only the software you need, but the support and training required to nurture your development. Using local knowledge and expertise, MYOB can give your business the certain edge that it needs. MYOB also works with accounting practices to ensure that their processes are as efficient as possible, and to make the most of their productivity. This focus on both business owners and accountants, further strengthen the links between them so that everyone can benefit.

MYOB Training

MYOB is authorised under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This means that MYOB is accredited to train and assess against selected units of learning. MYOB provides training to accompany the various software products it provides, including training sessions for the BusinessBasic and RetailManager Software. A larger list of training options can be seen with the Accounting, Plus and Premier products, as they include information on bookkeeping and day-to-day processes, to business reporting and analysis, to payroll management, end of period reconciliation and BAS, inventory management and accounting software. Some training is available online, though most training is held for between 0.5 and 4 days in a classroom training environment and led by a competent and reliable instructor. There are various locations for MYOB training sessions to be found around Australia – you just need to find the closest one to you! The costs of the courses start from $99, depending on the type of training program you choose. Plus it is handy to keep in mind that choosing to complete more than one course allows for discounts to be made on the cost of those courses.

Payroll Training

In relation to Payroll Training, the session is led by an instructor in a classroom setting, and can be completed in just one day. Through the training you will learn about how to set up payroll, how to link various payroll accounts, how to enter general payroll information and employee payroll details, to process adjustments and process employee pay runs. Learn to print your pay slips, process electronic payments, manage annual and sick leave, and deal with PAYG and Superannuation and your obligations associated with that. You will also learn about user access and restrictions, end of year payment summaries and starting a new payroll year.

Training Manual

As well as providing enormous amounts of software options and numerous training programs to accompany them, MYOB also has developed a number of training manual to help users learn more about MYOB. There are a number of different manuals available, some of which include information on basic bookkeeping, staffing solutions, time saving techniques, troubleshooting and how to check your business’ health and take it from strength to strength. MYOB clearly cares about providing you with all the help and support necessary to make sure you use their software to the best of your ability. So what are you waiting for?



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