MYOB Training Manual – What Is It?

For many owner-operator businesses, limited resources and the heavy burdens of day-to-day administration are the banes of your existence, despite the fact that you are one of the biggest dynamic forces in the world’s economy. So if times are tough and bookkeeping and payroll issues are driving you mad, here is a solution… MYOB. An international provider developing and delivering award-winning software, services and support for businesses and accounting practices just like yours. With over 700,000 businesses and accounting practices using MYOB products in five countries across the Asia-Pacific region – are you one of them? MYOB has the knowledge and expertise to help you build your business, and make your job just that little bit easier. Using local knowledge and expertise, MYOB can give your business the certain edge that it needs. MYOB also works with accounting practices to ensure that their processes are as efficient as possible, and to make the most of their productivity. This focus on both business owners and accountants, further strengthen the links between them so that everyone can benefit.

MYOB Training

MYOB, as well as providing you with an extensive amount of software to facilitate your payroll needs, also provides you with the complete experience of support and training to guide your use of the software. This could be by way of a MYOB Manual…MYOB Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) authorised under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). This accreditation allows MYOB to train and assess students against selected units of competency. MYOB provides training to accompany the various software products it provides, including training sessions for the BusinessBasic and RetailManager Software. A larger list of training options can be seen with the Accounting, Plus and Premier products, as they include information on bookkeeping and day-to-day processes, to business reporting and analysis, to payroll management, end of period reconciliation and BAS, inventory management and accounting software. A MYOB Manual is usually supplied with training. Training is either provided in a classroom setting for a minimum of half a day to a maximum of four days (and led by an instructor), or can be completed wholly online. The courses are held in various locations around Australia in almost every State and Territory. The cost of the courses range from around $99 up to $979, depending on the type of training program you select. Plus it is also useful to note that booking more than one course may provide discounts to the cost of the courses.

MYOB Training Manual

But MYOB doesn’t stop there. There are also a number of training manuals available to help users discover more about the innovative MYOB. MYOB Training Manual, have you heard about these? The available manuals cover a number of topics, and each contains a wealth of knowledge that can be yours! The manual on tackling tough times in your business looks at cash flow and budgeting, debtor management and tracking and controlling business expenses. There is Bookkeeping for beginners starting out and wanting to learn the basic theory behind bookkeeping, but this manual is also effective as a refresher for those who are more experienced with bookkeeping as well. The manual on smart staffing solutions give helpful information about techniques for retaining quality staff, positioning yourself as an employer of choice, and reducing the burden place on Human Resources and payroll. There is also a time saving tool manual which gives you the most up-to-date information on the most effective and efficient ways to use the MYOB software to save you time every day. The ‘health to wealth’ manual is great for information on data accuracy and reporting, analysing and improving your business’ performance and help with setting up a spreadsheet to help compare past and present business performance. And there are still more manuals to choose from! It is easy to see why MYOB has such a successful history, and such a bright future. With their training and support, you can look forward to a bright future too!



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